Gaja 1999 Collection Box Set: Costa Russi, Sori San Lorenzo, Sori Tildin

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Dear friends,


We are pleased to offer you a special limited edition Gaja collection case. This special offering is comprised entirely of Gaja’s single vineyard Barbareso wines from the outstanding 1999 vintage. After twenty years of maturation we believe these extraordinary wines are finally ready to be enjoyed by you.


This Gaja collection case contains:


2 bottles of Costa Russi 1999

2 bottles of Sori Tildin 1999

2 bottles of Sori San Lorenzo 1999

1 Original Wooden Case # 75 of 150


Angelo Gaja is a legendary figure in Piedmont. He is credited for his innovative thinking, both in the vineyard and cellar. He was responsible for bringing the practice of barrique ageing to Barbaresco in the 1970’s, and also planting the region’s first Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc of the 20th century. He is also considered a pioneer of single vineyard wines, and consequently, his wines are known for resonating with terrior and opulence.                              



This selection was made by Gaja considering that 1999 is one of Piedmont’s classic vintages, particularly for its ageing characteristics and structure. This set honors the three jewels of Gaja’s estate, situated in the municipality of the village of Barbaresco all three of these vineyards are family owned.


Sori San Lorenzo: The name “Sori” is a dialect word that means “top of the hill facing south”, renowned as the best location in the region for making wines. San Lorenzo is the patron saint protecting Alba’s Cathedral from whom the vineyards was acquired. The Sori San Lorenzo vineyard is situated a few steps from the old town center, it’s soil is one of the deepest, presenting high amounts of limestone, and being near the river enjoys a very mild microclimate; resulting in a higher intensity in the wine.


Sori Tildin: “Tildin” was the diminutive of Clotilde, Angelo Gaja’s great-grandmother that inspired Giovanni and Angelo with her tenacity and seriousness. Sori Tildin is a beautiful amphitheater shaped vineyard, situated at the highest point among the three vineyards. This higher altitude and drier microclimate is expressed in the wine with a rounder, fruit forward style and a marked minerality.


 Costa Russi: The world “Costa” indicates the slope of a hill, while “Russi” was the nickname of the old sharecropper who worked the vineyard. The soils is one of the coolest of the whole area, and its vines are among the oldest, planted in the 1950’s. This allows the wine to reach ethereal and delicate flavors during the aging.