Schott Zwiesel Pure Wine Decanter

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Designed to complement our Pure stemware, this decanter echoes the collection's angular design as well as its exceptional durability. Mouth-blown from thick, clear crystal, the decanter features a wide base with a stepped riser that creates aerating ripples as wine is decanted down the neck, and encourages sediments to settle. Schott Zwiesel's unique Tritan crystal technology protects the decanter from chips, scratches and wear, ensuring its pristine clarity through years of daily enjoyment and entertaining.
Expertly mouth-blown decanter combines the beauty of crystal with unsurpassed durability.
Convex underside facilitates holding and pouring from the base.
Patented Tritan titanium technology creates break-, chip- and scratch-resistant stemware.
Efficiently aerates both red and white varietals before serving and removes sediments from older wines.
Made in Slovenia by Schott Zwiesel, famous for fine glassware innovations since 1872.